Locals and us

Sometimes tourism has a less good impact in the local communities. With our Évora tours we try to connect the local activities to our visitors. More then a business opportunity, tourism can be a tool for cultural, social and even professional recovery.


“Nowhere any city, but Évora, was capable to tell me with purity and beauty that I am latin, that I am arab, that I am christian, that I am peninsular, that I am portuguese,- that I am the tragic blend of mystic and pagan blood that made me the miserable man we know.” (MIGUEL TORGA, 1942)


We have a simple but complete way to visit our beloved and our passion, Évora and Alentejo. Relaxed and in a non formal environment we will show you not only the most famous spots as also others off the beaten track.


“Get in Alentejo unsecured. The raw and dense land, the immobile and acre air, the slip and parched slopes dodge and offer themselves in instinctive reflections. Diving in the horizon, in very slow sunsets, the sun releases the occult.” (FERNANDO DACOSTA, 2009)

Street Stories

More then just living here, we have a deep love for our city. But we are not jealous and we want to share with you this passion. Also we are eternal curious about the city history and found a unique way show it. Dive with us in the streets of Évora. 

Art & Culture

“It is more difficult the passage from civilization to culture then the formation of a civilization. Civilization is a collective phenomenon. Culture is an individual phenomenon. There is no culture without civilization, nor civilization that lasts without culture.” (JOSÉ SOBRAL DE ALMADA NEGREIROS, in “Ensaios”)