For us travelling is something that shapes you, visiting other places and knowing other people is our greatest wealth. Because of this we like to show Évora, our city, just like it is. Without filters and with all the hidden places. Living in Évora is also making part of our country history and we have a huge pride in that.

What to Visit

Évora has more then 300 classified monuments. Our city is roman and has about 2.000 years. Roman, Visigoths and Moorish were established here. In 1165 the city became christian (is was also during the Visigoth occupation). Évora reached its apogee in the end of the XV and during the XVI centuries. The Portuguese royal family made Évora its residence for long stays. Évora is one of the most historical and monumental places to visit in Portugal.

Night Life

Since the reactivation of the University in 1973, the night life in Évora have been more active. Although there’s a lot of places for students, there are also bars for the locals. Our beloved city have a lot of options. Not only bars or discos but also meeting places for the population. Spread around in the city you can also find concerts and shows.


Évora is also known as the city museum. All the historic center of our beloved is classified as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, so everything inside walls is considered a “museum”. But from all the museum in the city we can suggest, the Évora Museum, the Cadaval House Museum, the museum inside the Cathedral, the Handcrafts and Design Museum, Contemporary Art Museum of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and the Megalithic Interpretation Center.

Eat Genuine

We believe that, for those who visit us, the gastronomic experience is very important. Évora offers you many restaurants. Most are traditional gastronomy and some are specialized, in black pork, wines, codfish, seafood, buffet style or just petiscos (portuguese word for tapas). Ask our drivers e get some suggestions according to your interests. However we always have our preferences, always local style. For a Portuguese a meal is a ritual.

Sleep Well

Whether in our houses or abroad it is very important to have well rested nights. Well slept, rested, relaxed and involved in the spirit and history, is the perfect condition to departure to the discovery of Évora. You have available different hotel styles, for every taste, needs, demands ans pockets. From the old restored convent to the brad new hotel, the option can be only yours.


Since centuries the historical center of Évora is a shopping area by excellency. You can by almost everything. Some shops are more for the visitors with object made of cork, tiles, ceramic and clay pottery, wines, liquors, canned food and olive oil. At this shops even us, as residents shop. We buy stuff that remind us our childhood to give as a gift to family and friends in a special occasion. Don’t miss the city market.

How to get here




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