Food roots

At Alentejo we are still very connected to our rural roots. Even until 40 years ago the population was quite poor and rural workers. The ingredients used for cooking where very simple. Nowadays our food is still based in most simple ingredients that our land naturaly give us.

Black Pig

This might be a strange subjet to you but it make us very proud to breed this very tasty meat. The rigth name is Alentejo’s pig and is found is ours Cork tree forests. This high quality meat you can find it not only at Évora but all around in the region, and belive us, you really have to taste this.

Olive Oil

The food of Alentejo is the mediterranic diet, for ages in Alentejo we produce Olive Oil and one of the best in the world. My mother used to say “a House without salt or olive oil is poorly managed!”. Besides this golden liquid, lard from the Black Pig is very often used in our gastronomy.

Convent Pastry

Maybe because the extra time, lots of imagination and access to different ingredients, this delicious pastry was inventend in convents or monasteries. Lots of eags, sugar, almonds and cinnamon. In Alentejo each town and village was its own pastry.


At Alentejo lamb is traditionally eaten on Easter; comes from our judaeo-christian culture. On easter monday, a picnic, always with roasted lamb. A Lamb stew, with bread soup, was eaten next sunday. It is very tasty a lamb and chickpeas stew.

Alentejo Wine

It was the Romans 1800 years ago that intruduce us the wine. Since then it became our reason to live! At least for us our wines are as good as others from well known regions in the world. The climate and our everlasting sun provide us the conditions for full bodied, aromatic and smooth wines.

Bread & Soups

Every meal in Alentejo begins with a soup, but not like any other. Rip some bread and lay it in the plate, then pour the soup made out of vegetables, grains or beans, even fish or meat. When traveling, every Portuguese miss bread. Theres no bread like ours and the very best is from Alentejo.

Amphora Wine

We love our traditions, so we are still making wine has the ancient Romans did. Making this wine takes a very long time, and its made in some very big clay amphoras also manufacted in the region. In each region the making process sligthly changes according with the local tradition.

Aromatic Herbs

There are more then 100 types of aromatic herbs in our region. They are indespensable in our mothers and grandmothers kitchens, mainly for cooking but sometimes also as homemade medicin. Some are even used in the cosmetic industries, the ones we love the most are used to make liquor.

Our Cheeses

On a Alentejo’s meal table may it never cheese. Although not very well know, Portugal as an enormous variety of cheseses. Only at our region you may chose, goat, sheep, cow or blends, very cured, cured or buttered. “Merendeira” size (hand palm) or to cut.

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